First, the history, as described above: an ancient well brought back into use, subjected to the most modern techniques in order to bring it to market with as much of its integrity intact as is consistent with health and safety requirements. The water has a rich mineral content, with almost 66 elements in varying concentrations. Kingdom Water also contains higher-than-average levels of lithium. In drinking water, these usually range from 0-17mgl; Kingdom Water has 19mgl.

Lithium is believed to have benefits around reducing inflammation, as well as anxiety and depression, and improving cognitive function. Many of these have known health benefits, including magnesium, which is important for bone health, calcium absorption and prevention of osteoporosis; zinc, which helps to regulate the immune system; chromium, which helps to improve the body's response to insulin and regulate blood sugar.

It is rich in iron, something that is vital to health, and notoriously hard to absorb in supplement form (one recent study suggests that up to 40% of Irish women could be deficient in iron). Water that is rich in iron has been shown to be more readily bio-available and more easily absorbed than supplements. There are also traces of even rarer minerals, known specifically as Rare Earth Elements, including ytterbium, and europium - which has never been found in any water in Ireland before.

As stated, we will not be making specific health claims around the content of Kingdom Water. However, these combine to make a product that will be drunk for its distinctive and delicious taste, but also for the remarkable, rich mineral composition and the unique source and origins. A water that can be drunk as it is, or in combination with added enhancements. This is Kingdom Water, crisp and clear, drawn from an ancient well in Knocknagoshel in Northeast Kerry, with all the power and majesty of that magnificent natural landscape..

The Discovery of Kingdom Water

by Michelle Keane - NOW AVAILABLE