The Discovery of Kingdom Water "It needs no doctors prescription, It is freely available & costs nothing. We must treat water as it were the most precious thing in the word, the most valuable natural Resource." DR. CHOPRA ORDER NOW! Kingdom Water An ancient well brought back into use, subjected to the most modern techniques in order to bring it to market CONTACT US This is Kingdom Water "We Love Water. We Thank Water. We Respect Water. We Are All Water. We are all one" - Masaru Emoto CONTACT US

Welcome to Kingdom Water

This is a true story based on a moving tale of spiritual guide of enlightenment and discovery through the opening of the all-powerful,the all-knowing...
This is what has become The Discovery of Kingdom Water.

Seven ancient wells now brought forth by dynamic, modern methods which have now become branded as Kingdom Water


In May 2018, Michelle Keane, inspired by a visit to the sacred well of the Archangel Michael in Ballinskelligs, Co.Kerry,Ireland, sent her on a most strange and wonderful journey. Over 24 extraordinary months, she saw visions granted to her by spirits and angels, received messages from her ancestors met divine people who helped her on her path, uncovered seven ancient wells on her land in knocknagoshel, in Northeast Kerry.An old and long-forgotten source of pure fresh drinking water with over 66 minerals, with a distinctive taste profile,now brought forth by dynamic,modern methods which has now become branded as Kingdom Water.

Very quickly Michelle began to realise that she would need to keep a record of all that happened to her starting with that day in Ballinskelligs. So she began to write a diary, filling it with events and visions that,at first, she could hardly believe. This diary records Michelle’s spiritual journey to India where she travelled through the Himalayas stopping off to visit Baba Kneem Karoli’s Ashram in Kainchi Dham,Badrinath and Devprayag where the two holy rivers Alaknada and Bhagirathi to form the Mother Ganga, where she received a blessing for Kingdom Water.

This is Michelle’s true story, a hauntingly beautiful and deeply spiritual inspiring journey of a kundalini awakening within Michelle Keane. When a Kundalini awakens in a person,the chakras awake. Only then can you see the future and connect with God and attain self knowledge.

Michelle has released the water, as her Ancestors and the angels directed her to do,and now she waits, knowing that her bit is done, for the next stage to begin. Michelle believes that this water will reach many people, and will bless many lives and looks forward to the next stage of this Miraculous journey of KINGDOM WATER.

This diary is what has now become The Discovery of Kingdom Water.