Kingdom Water is a true part of the ancient heritage of Northeast Kerry. An old and long-forgotten source of pure, fresh drinking water, with a distinctive taste profile, now brought forth by dynamic, modern methods, to be shared and distributed to a world where water - its origin and composition - is of increasing importance. Kingdom Water will operate within the 'luxury water' sector of the overall multi-billion water market.

We will bring Kingdom Water to various market points, including the hospitality industry, where bottled water is an increasing part of profits, and also the retail and home market. Consumption of bottled water as an alternative to high-sugar, highly-processed soft drinks, is growing, in line with greater awareness of health and sustainability. Kingdom Water will be marketed to consumers via a number of channels, such as the traditional print press and radio, along with social media platforms like facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Kingdom Water is pure, crisp and potent with a clear, refreshing taste. Its complex profile of minerals makes this a distinctive water, full of vitality, with anti-oxidant properties.

Although we will not be marketing Kingdom Water as holding any specific heath benefits, due to the burden of clinical trials involved in doing so, we can and will highlight the complex and unique composition of the water. In keeping with the profile of Kingdom Water as a natural mineral water with a high and diverse mineral content, we will also enhance the water by adding natural herbal extracts, to enhance health and wellness benefits for medicinal purposes.

Health and wellness are, more and more, growth areas for consumers. Increased knowledge, and expectation, around the benefits of what they consume is an active motivating force for many. Water supplemented with natural extracts, proven to bring vitality benefits, is likely to be chosen over the non-enhanced variety. The plan and strategy for Kingdom Water is to create a range of value-added mineral water products. We will use our natural mineral-rich water as a base, and will add specific herbal extracts of proven benefit, in order to differentiate our product from competitors.

The result will be a unique range, that begins with the purest Kerry spring water, from an ancient well found in Knocknagoshel, brought forth by traditional divination and state-of-the-art technology, then enhanced with extracts to boost the health properties of the water, and create something new and very desirable.

The Discovery of Kingdom Water

by Michelle Keane - NOW AVAILABLE