The Journey of Kingdom Water

First, the history, as described above: an ancient well brought back into use, subjected to the most modern techniques in order to bring it to market with as much of its integrity intact as is consistent with health and safety requirements. The water has a rich mineral content, with almost 45 elements in varying concentrations. Kingdom Water also contains higher-than-average levels of lithium. In drinking water, these usually range from 0-17mgl; Kingdom Water has 19mgl. Lithium is believed to have benefits around reducing inflammation, as well as anxiety and depression, and improving cognitive function.

Many of these have known health benefits, including magnesium, which is important for bone health, calcium absorption and prevention of osteoporosis; zinc, which helps to regulate the immune system; chromium, which helps to improve the body's response to insulin and regulate blood sugar. It is rich in iron, something that is vital to health, and notoriously hard to absorb in supplement form (one recent study suggests that up to 40% of Irish women could be deficient in iron). Water that is rich in iron has been shown to be more readily bioavailable and more easily absorbed than supplements.

There are also traces of even rarer minerals, known specifically as Rare Earth Elements, including ytterbium, and europium - which has never been found in any water in Ireland before. As stated, we will not be making specific health claims around the content of Kingdom Water. However, these combine to make a product that will be drunk for its distinctive and delicious taste, but also for the remarkable, rich mineral composition and the unique source and origins. A water that can be drunk as it is, or in combination with added enhancements. This is Kingdom Water, crisp and clear, drawn from an ancient well in Knocknagoshel in Northeast Kerry, with all the power and majesty of that magnificent natural landscape.

Seven springs were divined on the land in Knocknagoshel in Northeast Kerry. Through drilling for the first spring, we struck an ancient well, and released the water within it. According to analysis of the bedrock formation, that well is around 600 years old, and dates back to the end of the medieval period in Ireland. It is as old as the most ancient parts of Muckross Abbey in nearby Carrigafreaghane. Over centuries, the well had been covered over, layer upon layer, as the land about it shifted and farming patterns changed, until no sign of it remained. Gradually, the whereabouts of the well and the river that feeds it were forgotten, but the water did not run dry.

Instead, the river remained, flowing underground, protected and filtered by Kerry rock and soil, without human interference, until the day in October 2018 when we drilled down, deep into the earth, to find it. The power of that water when it was first released into the open air again, after a long underground journey, is something unforgettable. To see this water, from a source known to my ancestors who lived and thrived in this parish just as I now do, surge up into the air again, has been a wonderful, magical journey; a journey that is just beginning. We have just divined the six remaining springs, and will now begin the work to open them and analyse their water.

The Story of Kingdom Water

In May 2018, inspired by a visit to the sacred well of the Archangel Michael in Ballinskelligs, Co Kerry, I asked a renowned local water diviner to divine the land where I was born and brought up, in northwest Kerry. This parish, Knocknagoshel, has five rivers running through it in different directions. It is a place where water has been valued for generations, for its ability to sustain life, but also for its healing and sacred properties. There are many holy wells dotted across the Kerry peninsula, some that are hundreds of years old.

In Kerry, water is still often found by traditional divination, rather than expensive technology, and this diviner, who is known throughout the county for his remarkable gifts, divined seven springs on my land. We began to drill, and hit the first spring exactly where the diviner said we would, at around 100ft. We drilled further and, at 123 ft, we hit such a flow that the water shot straight up into the air in a jet. We had reached an underground river, an abundant source of clear, fresh water that tingled with purity and a rich, mineral taste.

We sent repeated water samples for analysis to a local state-of-the-art laboratory, and the results that came back told us this water was every bit as vital and dynamic as we had anticipated. We tested again and again, until we were absolutely certain - we had found water that was good to drink, with a broad mineral profile, including many elements that are beneficial to health, and some that are not often found in fresh water.

Oil used to be called liquid gold, because it is such a valuable, finite resource. Now, we believe that description belongs to water, the great global necessity of the new age.