Discovery of Kingdom Water by: Michelle Keane

In August 2018, a renowned clairvoyant contacted members of my family who had gone before, who spoke to me about seven undiscovered, underground natural springs on my land in northeast Co Kerry.

I believed in their message, and determined to locate the springs. With the help of a gifted local water diviner, and guided by angels, we found the first of these springs. We drilled down to nearly 150ft, and released water from a well that is over 600 years old.

We had the water tested by a state-of-the-art laboratory, and discovered that it has a rich and varied profile of minerals and Rare Earth Elements. In releasing the water, it seems that we also released water spirits, and for many months these spirits, along with the angels, showed me signs and messages.

In doing my best to follow and understand what these divine messengers told me, I came into contact with a range of incredible people, all with remarkable gifts.

With their help, I have established a company and brand - Kingdom Water - and located & opened the remaining six springs. It has been a journey so strange and wonderful, that I felt I had to write down the many things that happened to me in the course of the most eventful year of my life.

This is the Story Of Kingdom Water.

"By sharing her own personal stories, which take her into the unknown,Michelle Keane takes us on a journey of spirituality, struggle, inspiration & above all passion for what she believes in, which you will find on every page." - Minister for Culture, Heritage & the Gaeltacht, Josepha Madigan